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TR Contest: Nerd Torture



?Screw the rambling intro — this week’s contest is nerd torture. There are two categories here — either ways you can think up to torture a nerd, or ways you, as a nerd, have been tortured. A few clarifications:

? Obviously, I’m looking for mental anguish more than physical anguish.
? These should not be bad single occurrences, they should be torture. They should be lingering and painful and leave the torturee powerless to avoid his/her fate. No waking up to find mom sold your He-Man toys at a garage sale. But if your mom forced you to sell your own He-Man toys at a garage sale, over the course of one awful day, that would be torture.
? For the “Create a torture” category, you can suggest tortures for nerds in general, or specific types of nerds, like Trekkies, role-players, etc.

Everyone gets ONE ENTRY FOR EACH CATEGORY. I.e., you get two entries as long as one of them is thinking up a nerd torture, and one is a tale of past nerd torture. Got it? If you’re not writing entries for both, you should only be writing one. The contest ends on Monday at 12:01 am EST on Monday, November the 15th.Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to clean out your fishtanks.

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