TR Contest: What Are You Thankful For?


?Since next week is Thanksgiving for us Amurrkans, it’s going to be a short week next week  — I’ll be off next Thursday and Friday, which means an incredibly-deserved break from FFF for me. And as per usual, I will have a contest for the five-day weekend with an appropriately epic theme.

But I really wanted to do a Thanksgiving contest too, where everyone could say what they’re thankful for as nerds. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of nerd support you guys have shown Katie, but I figured what the hell, let’s keep the positivity coming, let’s do it today.

So that’s your contest: Tell me what you, as nerds, are currently grateful for. Obviously, even foreign people who don’t celebrate our national orgy of gluttony can still be grateful for things, so no one should hesitate to enter. I don’t really know how I’ll judge this one — I mean, if someone’s grateful HBO is making Game of Thrones and someone else is grateful there’s going to be a decent Judge Dredd movie, which entry is better? — so I may pick the winners randomly. But someone’s entry might change my mind. Maybe I’ll pick one randomly and pick one specifically. Who knows? The contest ends on Monday, November the 22nd, at 12:01 am EST. One entry per person, but you can be thankful for whatever you want (remember I’ll skip super-long entries, though).

And, at the risk of making today even more saccharinely disgusting, I’d like to say again I’m thankful for you guys. Not only do you let me do what I do — the best job in the world — you’re good people. I know I often pile on the hate here at TR, it’s what I do, it’s what nerds do, and I’m certainly a nerd — but when one of us needs a helping hand, you all are there in an instant, banding together to protect our own, no questions asked. We may loathe aspects of nerdiness, in ourselves and others, but we will never abandon a fellow nerd who needs us. And for that, I’m extremely grateful in general, and extermely grateful to you all. I’m also grateful for finding the above picture, because I know at least one person will make a joke about the Flash telling Power Girl he’d “like the breasts, please.”