5 Reasons Why Jon Favreau Isn’t Directing Iron Man 3


?By now, you’ve probably all heard the news that Jon Favreau has told Marvel he won’t be returning for Iron Man 3, which is due at some point after the Avengers movie. Here are some of the reasons Favreau possibly made his decision:

1) Was pissed over Marvel’s reported shoehorning Avengers teases in Iron Man 2
2) Was preemptively pissed over Marvel’s shoehorning in other Avengers shit in Iron Man 3
3) Was pissed over Marvel’s reported salary low-balling for himself and several major actors in Iron Man 2
4) Was potentially pissed that Marvel offered him a pitifully low salary for Iron Man 3 when Iron Man 1 and 2 were massive hits
5) Avengers hasn’t even begin production yet, and Favreau didn’t want to lock himself down to a movie that won’t even start pre-production until 2012 at the earliest

Or you can likely pick any combination of the five. Favreau has already gone on record as being irked at all the other Marvel hero shit Marvel stuffed in IM2 (Nick Fury, Black Widow, Thor, etc.), and Marvel’s cheapness has been rumored pretty constantly since they took over their own movie business. Given that Favreau is currently making the surprisingly awesome looking Cowboys & Aliens and has the rest of Hollywood at or near his feet, I doubt he’s having trouble sleeping at night. It’s everyone who enjoyed Iron Man and Iron Man 2 that should be uneasy. (Via FilmDrunk)