Check Out the Safest Jewelry in Gotham City


?Blogger, TR contributor and would-be Batman fuckbuddy Jill Pantozzi alerted me to a line of official DC jewelry by Noir. You’re looking at the Gotham City ring, which is Gotham City, on a ring, and it kind of freaks me out. The jeweler offers more traditional rings, bracelets and necklaces of the Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Bat-logos, but also some crazy Catwoman claw rings and a very… uh… attention grabbing red, white and blue-stoned ring that’s supposed to represent Wonder Woman in some way. You can check out all their wares at their online store here.

I find it all a bit gaudy, but it’s certainly not made for me. Still, it’s kind of cool that DC is offering this type of merchandise for girls, I think, right? I mean, not every nerd girl would want to wear something like this, but there are surely some who do, and it’s cool they’re being recognized. Right? …right?