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DVD Day: December 7th, 2010



?? Inception
Let’s talk about Inception for a second, because DVD is kind of meager today. I don’t think I enjoy Chris Nolan movies, because they’re usually awkwardly contrived for one big twist. I didn’t care for Memento or The Prestige (the Christian Bale “twist” was painfully obvious; I admit I did like the movie’s Tesla/sci-fi weirdness, although I’m not sure that radical shift half-way through makes it a good film). I didn’t like Batman Begins because of the horrible contradiction regarding Batman’s refusal to kill (he won’t kill a convicted criminal, but he will kill all his ninja-mates AND leave R’as Al Ghul to die twice?! No). I did like The Dark Knight, but I recognize that the Joker makes no sense — he’s an agent of chaos but he’s obscenely organized to an absurd degree; I kind of get around that by accepting the Joker as a force of nature, which I can see being a stretch for some people).

That all said, I worry about Inception. Between it being Nolan and the subject matter, I’m excepting a twist, obvious, probably that it’s all someone else’s dream the whole time (you don’t need to tell me if I’m right). I’m sure it’ll be interesting and have good performances, but I feel like Nolan thinks up the twist first and then tries to wrap a story around it later — much like Shyamalan, sadly, although I fully admit Nolan is infinitely more skilled a director than Shyamalan.

So anyways, that’s it. Just my thoughts. Oh! One more thing: Ms Robot and I just got into the Angry Birds iPhone game on Sunday, and I’ve seen the Inception on DVD commercials maybe 9 million times over the past two days. When I go to bed, all I can picture in my mind are birds being launched into pigs in slow motion with the Inception BRAAAAAHHM noise playing over and over again.

? Videodrome
The David Cronenberg classic on Blu-ray from Criterion.

? Hunter Prey
This release is actually the whole reason I’m even doing a DVD Day today — it’s the sci-fi flick from Sandy Collora, the guy who made the awesome Batman: Dead End fan flick. It’s an homage to the cheap and decidedly freaky sci-fi flicks of the ’70s and ’80s. You can — and should — watch the trailer here.

? Trek Stars Go West
A DVD entirely of Star Trek stars starring in Western TV shows from the 50s and early ’60s. Includes Leonard Nimoy AND James Doohan playing Indians, apparently. I especially love the fact that “Trek Stars” is in the Star Trek font on the front cover.

Last but not least, I would be a horrible Tron fanboy if I didn’t tell you that Amazon is selling Daft Punk’s new Tron: Legacy soundtrack on MP3 for $4 today and today only. Get it here.

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