Firefly’s Serenity Is Tastier Than I Remember


?Morning, folks! I hope you had a great holiday weekend and aren’t too tired/depressed/hung over. I drove 1900 miles in 9 days with Ms Robot and Topless Kitty — 1100 of it in two days — and was nearly killed by Google Maps’ insistence that I leave the safety of the interstate to travel on various two-lane highways of the West Virginia mountains, which happened to be covered in ice and snow at the time. So fuck Google Maps. But now I’m home, I had about eight shots of bourbon, and I have a shit-load of silly things to post, so let’s get back to it. First up: This ridiculous gingerbread Serenity; you can see how it was made here. I’m not going to lie — I can’t help but wish for a little gingerbread Firefly crew to accompany it. Then I could play Reaver. (Via Obvious Winner)