Geek Apparel of the Week: Dark Ssside and Care for Tomorrow


?? A mash-up of Darth Vader and Cobra Commander? I believe the words are FUCK and YESSS. It’s only $10 and it’s only available today on Ript. Ript, I want more of these shirts. Hell, Hasbro — I want actual figures, too. Get on it.

care for tomorrow.jpg

?? I thought I’d throw TR‘s female readers a bone with this Care Bears shirt (not to intimate that nerd girls can’t possibly care about Star Wars and G.I. Joe, of course, but that girls will likely be more interested in a Care Bears shirt, plus it only comes in women’s sizes). At the very least, you can use it to tell other TR readers — if they see your shirt and look away in revulsion, or perhaps even throw up, they’re almost certainly remembering a Care Bear FFF. It’s $32 at Junk Food.