Goddammit, Someone Is Making a Clash of the Titans Sequel


?In an interview with something-or-other, Liam Neeson confirmed that he’s be reprising the role of Zeus in a Clash of the Titans sequel tentatively called Wrath of the Titans. I don’t have any insight about this, or theories, or hopes, because I saw Clash of the Titans and it was fucking terrible. It was the most soulless, joyless summer “blockbuster” I’ve seen in years — so unabashedly mediocre that I hated it more than most genuinely bad movies.

The CG was terrible. The plot was horrible, as it shoehorned some kind of “men want freedom and thus declare war on the gods” even though the gods immediately kick humanity’s asses and Perseus need the gods’ help to accomplish anything and by the end it’s all just swept under the rug. I hated Zeus’ sparking disco-ball suit of armor. I hated Sam Worthington, who inexplicably speaks in an Austalian accent during the entire movie, and whose utter lack of charisma in CotT makes his performance in Terminator: Salvation look like a young DeNiro. I hate that the filmmakers obviously made a list of the top three things people most associate with Greek mythology, and forced them into the film — like that Medusa lives in Hades, for no reason whatsoever. I hate that there were bizarre tree-monster people for NO FUCKING REASON WHATSOEVER. Argh.

In summary: Fuck Wrath of the Titans. (Via /Film)