Heroic Actors’ Equity Association-Man Defeated, Spidey Musical Free to Kill Again

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?Despite the fact that stuntman Chris Tierney fell 30 feet during a stunt only on Monday, and despite the fact that the Actors’ Equity Association and the
Department of Labor declared yesterday that they would halt production until all the safety measures were reviewed and confirmed, the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical will go on tonight as planned (this afternoon’s matinee has been canceled).

I’m sure everything’s been fixed in 36 hours and that there will be no more injuries or deaths. Certainly a day and a half was all they possibly could have needed to fix the stunts on this hilariously rushed-into-production-to-stop-hemorrhaging-money musical — this’ll be the difference, mark my words.

Or don’t. Because someone’s going to die. This musical is going to kill somebody, or at least paralyze them. I’ll feel bad when one of the stunt Spideys pulls a Gwen Stacy, but seriously, the actors have to be aware of the risks at this point. If they want to play Julie Taymor and Bono’s Russian Roulette, that’s on them. (Via Robot 6)