I Would Not Like to Fight 300 Naked Orcs, Personally

The chances of me getting this wrong are pretty high, but let give it a try: Gamon is an 85th level NPC in World of Warcraft. He’s part of a low-level quest as someone who’s pocket you have to successfully pick — and in gameplay terms, this means you can also attack him, but you’ll get your ass handed to you because when you meet him you’re invariably super low level. That is, unless:

…unless you get 299 pals, all 1st level, to wail on him with you. Apparently, that exactly what the 300 ingenious bastards did — they gathered 300 “naked orcs” (naked in the sense that they only have the weapons and armor the class starts with, which I gather is not much) to find Gamon and wail on him til he died under the assault. Frankly,  I could not support these type of MMORPG shenanigans more, because it is super funny to me. Also the word “naked” is involved, which is like the delightful icing on the bastard cake. (Via Nerd Bastards)