J. Jonah Jameson’s Not Going to Like This

This is just a new Marvel V. Capcom 3 gameplay video; it’s less about me telling you that Storm and C. Viper have been announced as playable characters, and more about me trying to get the Cthulhu dildos off the top of the page. Although I did pick this video as it’s set on the Daily Bugle stage, which apparently included The New York Daily Bugle Festival (seriously, look for the banner up top near the end of the fight) complete with an adorable Spidey float. You know, between that and all those “Hero or Menace” headlines (and there’s a big poster of one of those, too, on the left), it seems like the Bugle is sending mixed messages regarding this Spider-Man fellow. Maybe even JJJ decided to cut Web-head a break after all the Turn Off the Dark panning.