Marvel’s Doing Another Age of Something-or-Other Again


This one’s titled “Age of X,” which may be the most generic event title that Marvel could ever come up with (and I thought “House of M” was bad). Apparently it’s in a parallel universe where mutants have it even shittier, like in most parallel universes, but it’s somehow going to impact the regular Marvel universe in some undefined way. Feel free to read the exclusive article over at CBR on it; I didn’t care enough to do anything other than skim. In fact, the only reason I’m posting anything about it is that the X-Men and their pals got a redesign, and I’m always interested in a good redesign. While this one isn’t mind-shattering different, I still think its kind of fun; it’s better than reading Care Bear rape fic, at any rate. Click on the pic for a much bigger version, or head to CBR for even higher-res images.