Roland, Roland Roland –?Keep Them Doggies’ Roland


?Sorry for the bizarre and vague article title — I couldn’t help myself. Remember the massive Dark Tower movie/TV series project Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman are working on? Well, there are rumors for who’s up to play Roland, and I figured you’d be interested even though there’s absolutely zero hard truth to any of it.The short list supposedly includes…

? Javier Bardem
? Viggo Mortensen
? Jon Hamm
? Daniel Craig

Apparently Bardem’s in the lead with Viggo a close second, mostly on the strength of Bardem being able to commit immediately to all the jillion years needed to make all the movies and shows. Bleeding Cool rightly points out that Hamm and Craig’s schedules are almost certainly too packed to be seriously considered. Personally, I doubt Viggo would want to commit to another massive, years-long project, but damn, don’t you think he’d be perfect? No offense to Bardem, who’s a marvelous actor, but I honestly can’t get the image of Viggo as Roland out of my head now.