She Is the One Called Senora Moon

Despite the title, I have no intention of making fun of these Sailor Moon-loving ladies for their ethnicity; it was just the punniest title I could think of on short notice. What I will make fun of them for is:

? The horribly low production values, even for a fan-made video filmed in someone’s living room
? The total lack of accuracy on every single part of every single Sailor Scout costume (seriously, no one had anything?!)
? The utter lack of enthusiasm by virtually everyone involved in this video, as if they had to film it less someone kill a loved one off-camera
? The fact that despite having no materials and no apparent desire to make the video, they did it anyways
? And then they uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to see

What’s more, is that if you check the related YouTube videos, there are dozens more of these videos of these girls as impossibly lackluster, depressed Sailor Scouts. Why? Why make this video if you don’t want to? Why make the video if you don’t have anything other than a fairy wand and a blond wig? And why, of God’s green earth, if you did make it, would you upload it to YouTube? I want to go cry in a corner somewhere, but I feel like watching this video is kind of the same thing. Thanks (I guess?) to Tyler S, for the tip.