So, Here’s How Megatron Looks in Transformers 3


?He’s different from the previous movies, or else I wouldn’t bother mentioning him at all. He’s also after the jump in case it’s a spoiler for somebody. (Via /Film)


?Someone got a gold of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys and immediately put them on eBay, as is nerd law. Here’s the Megatron figure which… which I honestly approve of. I immensely dig the tattered cape thingie — it’s very Gundam Wing, but there are worse giant robot series to rip off — and I like that he has something resembling his classic arm cannon, as its a nice nod to the original figure. Admittedly, the wheel on it freaks me out. Would you like to know why there’s a wheel on it?


?Because in TF3 Megatron is a motherfucking truck. Just like Optimus, except gray. My immediate instinct was to be pissed, but honestly, I’m not. Megatron has been a crappy-looking alien jet and a crappy-looking alien tank; I’m frankly surprised he’s actually going to be a “robot in disguise” in this movie. And having Optimus Prime and Megatron both be tanks is kind of an interesting comparison, also I doubt very much that Bay will do anything with it. Bottom line, the Transformers movies have fucked so much up that the fact that Megatron is now a truck doesn’t faze me in the slightest. Are you guys pissed, or mildly intrigued?