Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Monkey Riding a Boar While Chased by Terminator Dudes

I was dead set on showcasing the Panty & Stocking official tissue box cover, which features sexy versions of Gainax’s ridiculously saucy show in states of undress, bearing the words “May I be your tissue?” Yes, for real. Frankly, the idea that a show knows, expects and actually wants me to masturbate to it freaks me right the hell out.

Anyways, I was going to post that, until I saw this:

The monkey riding a boar has been a Japanese hit for a while now, but someone decided to make a commercial for some horror movie by having the film’s Terminator-esque baddies chase the monkey riding a boar. I honestly can’t even put into words how this clip makes me feel. It’s like the internet leveled up, and this video is its new power. (Via Japan Probe)