Super Terrific Japanese Thing: The One Piece Restaurant


?From Anime News Network:

Fuji TV announced on Tuesday that it is opening the first official restaurant inspired by the One Piece pirate anime and manga franchise at its Ginza Meza Marche complex in Tokyo on December 11. The “One Piece Restaurant Going Merry-G?” will remain open until May 31.

The restaurant will be decorated like the interior of the story’s Going Merry
ship, and it will feature a menu of dishes that appeared in the story.
The menu includes the main character Luffy’s favorite piece of meat
(complete with the bone that he is often seen gnawing), Sanji’s
“terrible” soup (as seen on page 99 of the eighth manga
volume), and Nami’s Fruit Macedonia (as seen on page 31 of the sixth
manga volume). The staff is planning various interactive events,
including some with appearances by anime’s voice cast.

You’d think that I’d be excited about this, but I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay too hardcore a One Piece fan to be anything other than depressed I’m not going to be able to go to this thing.I’d order everything on the menu — partially because I’m a fat nerd and Japanese portions can be kind of small anyways — BUT ALSO just to make sure I ate every single One Piece-inspired foodstuff before the restaurant closed. My keyboard is covered in tears right now. I swear, if it weren’t for Tron: Legacy, I don’t know how I’d be able to go on (other than needing to stay alive another 10-12 years to see how One Piece ends, of course). Thanks to all of you who sent this in, though.