The Pandorica Opens Your Wallet


?On TR’s recent Daily List of 20 Doctor Who Characters Who Desperately Need Their Own Action Figures, the 11th Doctor with Fez made an appearance due to his unrelenting awesomeness. Apparently, it really is the season of miracles because Underground Toys has just announced an impressive six-figure assortment based on the feztastic episode “The Pandorica Opens.” Each of the above figures comes packaged with an MP3 CD featuring a classic Who audio book and carrying case that, when assembled together, forms the Pandorica prison. Figures include:

? The Eleventh Doctor with Fez and Mop
? Screaming Weeping Angel Bob with Doctor’s Jacket
? Roman Auton Soldier
? Pandorica Amy Pond
? Silurian Warrior
? Guard Cyberman with Creepy Skull Face

As if a Doctor with Fez figure wasn’t enough to make Matt Smith devotees giddy, the rest of the assortment is pretty strong too. (The only downside is that the Roman Auton doesn’t appear from the above photo to be Rory which seems like a missed opportunity). The accompanying CDs are hardly throwaways either, as they feature the fan-favorite stories Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion, Doctor Who and the Giant Robot and Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters.

Big Bad Toy Store is currently is taking preorders for $99, although if you can’t wait until then (and that seems perfectly reasonable) these are currently available through UK retailer Forbidden Planet. It’s too late to get these for the holidays, but at least its some toy goodness to end the year with, right? (Via