VGA Trifecta I: Uncharted 3, Elder Scrolls V, Mass Effect 3

Three games people are very excited for that I have no business talking about (well, maybe Mass Effect 3, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

? I have nothing against Uncharted, I just don’t have a PS3. If you can get past the oddly ponderous voiceover in the beginning, there is a bit of gameplay at the end which looks pretty awesome. Oh, and I know Mark Wahlberg has been cast as Drake in the sure-to-be-mediocre Uncharted movie, over Nathan Fillion, who actively campaigned for it. I would like to throw my support to Fillion, although that’s kind of like supporting a steak over a pile of room temperature bologna.

The other two vids are after the jump.

? More people emailed me to tell me about the announcement of Elder Scrolls V than anything else, even Batman: Arkham City, so… here you guys go, I guess. No gameplay, but there is a lot of stones and a dragon that vomits a hentai version of The Blob. Is that good? Were you guys waiting for tentacle-blob dragon?

? And here’s the trailer for Mass Effect 3, which apparently picks up right after the big reveal at the end of Mass Effect 2? Maybe? I have no idea, I’m still on the first game, and I’m either trying to do something I’m too low level to do, or else I kind of suck. I can’t tell, so I got frustrated and went ahead and played Batman: Arkham Asylum again instead.