Well, Now a Member of the Fantastic Four Is Gonna Die


?I honestly have no idea why I’m reporting this. Partially, I guess, is because the announcement that one of the core members of the Fantastic Four — Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, or Thing — is going to die was considered newsworthy enough to get on CNN, which makes me feel like I should cover it. Also, partially, is because Marvel’s new “Fear Itself” mega-arc sounds so bland that I can’t even muster up any irritation about it.

Still, it’s not like Marvel is even pretending the character is going to stay dead; even CNN mentions that Mr. Fantastic and the Thing have been dead and come back in the past, which makes this non-news even… uh, non-news-ier, I guess. Best we can hope for is current FF writer Jonathan Hickman has a story up his sleeve to rival Ed Brubaker’s death of Captain America story, which ended up being a helluva good tale even though everyone knew Cap was going to come back. I haven’t been reading Fantastic Four, so you guys can let me know what you think the odds are of that.

Speaking of odds, who do you think is going to kick it? I feel like the Human Torch is the obvious answer, but I think Invisible Woman dying –wife, sister, mother — would offer more storytelling possibilities. Although maybe I just want her to die so she comes back as Malice, because that would be hilarious.