Even Frodo Wants In On That Sweet Hobbit Action


?Hobbit director Peter Jackson has been slowly amassing Lord of the Rings trilogy actors whose characters do not appear in The Hobbit, and been sticking them in The Hobbit anyways. That includes Cate Blanchett as Galadriel and Orlando Bloom as Legolas, and we can now add another — Elijah Wood will appear as Frodo in The Hobbit.

The One claims that Frodo will appear in the film’s beginning, being told the story that ends up being the film. Since Bilbo did write his adventures down and we saw the book in the LotR trilogy, it’s not a bad way to give Frodo a guest appearance/tie the two sets of movies together, assuming any small change to the original doesn’t send you into a frothing rage (although if that’s the case, you’ve probably been locked up long ago). There’s no word if Sean Astin will pop back as Samwise in the same scene, but it’d be nice. Hell, bring in Merry and Pippen, too. Why not? Then at the end of the second Hobbit flick, Bilbo can close the book, Frodo can say “Boy! I sure hope I never go on any adventures like that, Uncle Bilbo!” and Bilbo can look right at the camera and give a big ol’ wink. (Via Blastr)