Geek Apparel of the Week: DC Superhero Shields and Calber’s Ketchup


?? ’80s Tees has a new line of DC superhero t-shirts, all based around the shield design you see above. I think they’re pretty groovy, honestly — they’re different from most of the other superhero shirts out there, at least. The Blue Beetle one’s my personal favorite, but there’s Aquaman, Red Tornado, Green Arrow, the Atom, Firestorm and more. You can see them all here, each for $24.


?? This shirt is $30, but it’s because it’s an import from Insert Coin. Here’s why it’s worth buying, even at that price — it’s the brand of ketchup bottles that Solid Snake uses to play dead and/or escape from prisons in the Metal Gear Solid series. That’s insanely obscure. Hell, barely any MGS fans will know what this shirt means when they see it, and that’s worth a few extra bucks to me. You can order it here.