(Heh) Duke Nukem Forever (Hee Hee) Has a Release Date (HAW HAW HAW) UPDATE: NOW WITH NEW TRAILER

UPDATE: There’s an embarrassingly awesome new trailer for DNF now included above. Well done, Gearbox. Well done indeed. Thanks to Shawn for the tip.

Game Informer — on a page that autoplays the Duke Nukem theme in an impressively annoying fashion — says that Gearbox says that Duke Nukem Forever will be released May 3rd in America, and May 6th worldwide. Uh-huh.

You know, if I were super rich, I would have bought the Duke Nukem license like Gearbox did, but when I released it, everyone who bought it would get home and open the package to see a big picture of me flipping them the bird and a sound chip that says “SUCKER” over and over again. At the very least, I hope Gearbox delays the game once or twice… just for old time’s sake. You know, before the game totally comes out for real. Thanks to ZADL for the tip.