Look Who’s Back (Back Again) Qui-Gon’s Back (Tell Your Friends)


?Turns out that Liam Neeson will be voicing Qui-Gon Jinn in a few episodes of Clone Wars — specifically, two episodes of the next three-episode arc, which begins on January 28th. This is cool for several reasons, not least of which that Lucasfilm bothered to ask Neeson and that Neeson agreed to do it. It’s cool because this will be the first appearance of a Force Ghost, chronologically, which raises some interesting questions and may just provide some interesting answers. Yes, it may provide some stupid answers, but god help me, that Savage Opress storyline was so good I’m giving Clone Wars the benefit of the doubt on this. It feels weird, and I may get burned in the end… but I actually have hope. That’s saying something in and of itself. Entertainment Weekly has a promo video of Qui-Gon in light-blue transparent action, but they’re not sharing, so go watch it here. Thanks to Talhe for the tip.