Really, Really Talented Guy Making a Videogame Movie

heavy milch.jpg

?Heavy Rain is an acclaimed videogame, one that its fans and critics both acknowledge as a cut-scene heavy, practically interactive movie. Suffice to say, making an actual movie of it seems redundant at best.

David Milch is the creator of my favorite TV series of all time, Deadwood, as well as several other acclaimed shows, including NYPD Blue.

Why do I mention these two facts? Because David Milch has signed on to write the screenplay for the Heavy Rain movie.

This is amazing. This is also the best chance a movie based on a videogame has ever had at making a real impact on Hollywood culture. If this happens, and it works out — and given Heavy Rain‘s thriller-friendly story about four people chasing a serial killer and Milch’s considerable talents, I don’t know why it wouldn’t — it could honestly change everything regarding all future videogame movies. Where they won’t always be given crap budgets and nth-tier directors. Where they won’t always be made for audiences of the lowest common denominator. This could be the start of something big. Sure, maybe I’m wrong, but at the very least, it should end up being the first truly great videogame movie — which is plenty big on its own. (Via the AV Club)