So That Fantastic Four Member Who Was Gonna Die?


?After the jump. Spoilers, obviously.


?It’s the Human Torch. I’m not particularly moved by which character kicked the bucket, and we all know the Torch will be back in a couple of years anyways. I’m only reporting on it for two reasons: the first reason is that a lot of major newspapers picked up this news, including the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times, I find this weird partially because I have no idea why a comic character’s death other than Batman, Superman, Spider-Man or maybe Captain America would ever hit the news, and why they would keep reporting comic character deaths when obviously they happen all the fucking time, and last but not least, why they reported this on Tuesday before the actual comic featuring the actual death comes out tomorrow.

The second reason is that I got this news from Comics Alliance, who described what the fuck has been going on in Fantastic Four comic recently, and the death of the Human Torch aside, it sounds pretty fucking awesome. Really. Go check it out.