Spider-Man’s Never Going to Turn Off the Dark at This Rate

From Robot 6:

The opening of the $65-million musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
has been delayed for a fifth time, to March 15, the show’s lead
producers announced late today. Opening night previously had been set
for Feb. 7.

According to The New York Times
and other outlets, producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris said
the opening was pushed back to allow more time to fine-tune parts of the
show, “including a new ending.” The announcement came hours after it
was reported that Grammy-winning record producer Steve Lillywhite had been brought in by Bono and director Julie Taymor to work with the performers on the music.

The bold text was my doing. Although it’s hilarious that they keep postponing (guys, just announce like one three-month delay, not three one month delays), the more time they take, the more likely it is they can fix the technical and artistic problems, and end up with something decent if not outright good. Their attempts to kill their cast aside, by all accounts they need to just straight re-do some of the material, and these delays are giving them the chance to do so.

Still, in celebration of the fifth fucking delay, here’s seven minutes of Spider-Man totally failing, courtesy of Matthew K. Enjoy!