The American Death Note Movie Is Back On


?Warner Bros. has hired Shane Black to direct a live-action movie of the hit manga/anime Death Note. There are three reasons I’m not freaking out:

? Shane Black directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I haven’t seen, but I’ve heard many great things about, and was directly responsible for Robert Downey Jr.’s career resurgance.
? Death Note is Black’s favorite manga. For real. Black’s quote from Deadline: “It’s my favorite manga, I was just struck by its unique and brilliant
sensibility,” Black said. “What we want to do is take it back to that
manga, and make it closer to what is so complex and truthful about the
spirituality of the story, versus taking the concept and trying to copy
it as an American thriller”
? Warner Bros. was going to make a Death Note movie at some point anyways, but hiring a quality director who’s actually read the manga and enjoyed it is probably as good as it could possibly be.

There’s no planned release dates or production times for the movie, but I’m crossing my fingers that if a U.S. Death Note movie does get made, it’ll be this one.Oh, and pay no attention to the art; that’s just something my friend Gia made for the first time I mentioned I actually thought Zac Efron would be a good Light, and caused the brains of several thousand otaku to explode.