The Wolverine Anime Has Gotten a Haircut

If you recall, beck in 2009, when the awesome Iron Man anime trailer and the significantly less awesome Wolverine anime trailer were released, fans were somewhat taken aback when Wolverine looked like… well, this:


?Some kind of skunk/redneck hybrid. Why Japan felt Wolverine needed — or would even still be recognizable — without sideburns, yet with a spiky crop of white hair and a mullet is unknown, and probably will be forever, since some new screenshots from the Wolverine anime have been released and Logan looks like… well, this:


?Much better (although if you check out the other shots over at Daily Blam, you can see the mullet isn’t entirely gone). Yes, it may be traditional, but at least it looks like fucking Wolverine. Unfortunately, if the discrepancy between the awesomeness of the actual Iron Man anime TV series to the trailer is the same for Wolverine… no amount of muttonchops make this thing watchable.