Two More Matrix Movies Can Only Be the Vengeance of a Wrathful God


This weekend at Sundance, someone bothered to ask Keanu Reeves what projects he had going on. Besides saying that he’s still “committed” to Bill & Ted 3 (not to say the film is in any danger of happening at the moment), Reeves dropped the news that he had met with the Wachowskis, who had a great idea for a fourth and fifth Matrix movies. Apparently the Wachowski want to film some crazy action in 3-D which they’re confident will revolutionize movies the way the first Matrix did. Shocking, right? Yeah, my monocle popped right off my face.

I have little doubt that Reeves is speaking truly, and despite how godawful Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions were, they still made enough money that they’ll get made. Do I believe the Wachowskis can create something in 3-D so awesome as to rival the first Matrix movie? I think it’s possible, but by no means probable. But holy fuck do I just wish they’d make something new instead of returning to the Matrix. Maybe they’ll get some good action scenes in there, but the rest of the movie will be weighted down with the series’ horrible bullshit nonsense mythology, that it’ll be hard if not outright impossible to appreciate it.

Make something else, guys (or guy and gal, if the rumors are true). Sorry, but you killed the Matrix franchise yourself. I’d look forward to another Star Wars prequel movie more than a new Matrix flick. Although if the Wachowskis made Speed Racer 2, I’d buy my ticket today. (Via First Showing)