V’s Visitors Show Their Scales


?USA Today showed off what the aliens in V look like under their human disguises — to be revealed over the course of season 2 — and it’s that. Up above. First of all, I dig it — it’s very lizard-y and reminiscent of the original, but updated for a modern audience. Second, USA Today didn’t consider this a spoiler, so neither did I, although mostly because putting it after the jump would’ve required me to do slightly more work. Third, while I like the design, I still don’t find it as scary as the original alien-lizard design… but I’m pretty sure that’s because the first time a Visitor ripped off his human face to reveal his lizard alien face in the original V I got so scared that I’m still feeling the emotional scars, more than 25 years later. At least I finally realized my parents weren’t lizard aliens who were going to rip their faces off and eat me because I learning of their secret alien identities, which I was 100% certain of back in 1984. I mean… I’m pretty sure. If only because I would have been much better eating in the ’80s. If they’re actually aliens, they really missed the time when I was good eatin’.