A Comic of Ice and Fire


?From Robot 6:

Bantam Books has acquired the worldwide comic-book rights to George R.R. Martin’s bestselling fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire for a monthly series published by Dynamite Entertainment. Collected editions will follow under the Bantam imprint.

The comic, by writer Daniel Abraham (Fevre Dream, The Hard Call) and artist Tommy Patterson (Farscape, Tales from Wonderland), will debut in the late spring, around the time the television adaptation Game of Thrones premieres in April on HBO.

“With so much top rank talent to pick from, it was a tough choice,” Martin writes on his blog,
“but Daniel and I and our editors at Bantam and Dynamite were all
knocked out by the character sketches and sample pages that Tommy

Since I just marathoned the unbelievable good (and simply unbelievable) third book in the ASoIaF saga, A Storm of Swords, the series is much on my mind at the moment. And since even when the fifth book, A Dance of Dragons, comes out, it’s going to be god knows how many years before the sixth book ever arrives, I’ll take pretty much any new ASoIaF content I can get, including new versions of old content.

That’s Tommy Patterson’s design for Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost above. Honestly, though, I’d be happier if it were drawn by Deviantartist Gianluca Maconi, whose incredible awesome gallery of ASoIaF charactesr Robot 6 posted the other day and I’ve been looking for an excuse to post ever since. Check ’em out here, and let me know if you agree.