Bumbleblee: Kind of an Asshole

This is a Chevy ad running during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Now, my lack of affection for Michael Bay’s Transformers has been well-documented, so I may be a bit biased here. But is Bumblebee being a huge dick here? First of all, what the hell is he during on a user car lot? He seriously doesn’t have any Decepticons to fight? He has time to just dick around like that? Furthermore, does getting hit with a foam hammer really justify him transforming, freaking out dozens of people, blowing the Transformers’ cover YET AGAIN, and, most especially, throwing a dude across the lot? The guy could easily be paralyzed or even dead after that.

The hammer couldn’t have been a big fucking surprise for Bumblebee. I mean, he’s just hanging out, sitting on the car lot, while the commercial camera crew sets up, the dude gets in his mascot costume… hell, they probably went through a few rehearsals first before filming. So really, Bumblebee just decided to ruin some poor car salesman’s commercial for no reason, then possibly kill a dude who was just doing his job. Christ, what as an asshole. Bumblebee — douchebag in disguise. (Via /Film)