DVD Day: February 22nd, 2011


?? All-Star Superman
Seeing as how I think the original Grant Morrison comic is a bit of a masterpiece, I have a hard time belieing that its majesty can translate perfectly into a another medium. However, I’d be interested to hear what people who haven’t read the comic think of the animated version.

? FLCL: Complete Collection
On Blu-ray. It’s not for everybody, but it’s my second favorite anime ever, as well as the reason i own 10 albums by the Japanese band The Pillows.

? The Last Unicorn
On Blu-ray. I only remember two things about this movie: 1) it was pretty fucking creepy, and 2) it was either the first or second movie I ever made out to a girl during. I enjoyed the making out more than the movie, although that’s less a criticism of the movie than praise of the making out.

? Invader Zim: Operation Doom
A best-of collection. I can’t tell how many episodes are on it; any help from the peanut gallery would be appreciated.

? The Guild Season 4
No more Felicia Day insanity in the comments, please.

? Alien Vs. Ninja
As I said when I posted the trailer, it’s “Power Rangers with gore.”

? Birdemic
Millions of copied-and-pasted bird gifs attack northern California. Remember, the Rifftrax will be available later today; don’t try watching this one on your own.

? Black Lightning
The superhero car movie from the guy who directed Wanted and the Night Watch movies. I’m kind of surprised it’s slinking out on DVD… does it suck? Anyone know?

? Comic Book Independents
Interviews with 24 comic creators who don’t work exclusively for The Man on how to not work exclusively for The Man.