How I Met Your Assistant SHIELD Director

cobie smulders agent of shield.jpg

?After a weekend of rumors, How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders has been confirmed to play Maria Hill in the Avengers movie. Smulders has fantastic comic timing on HIMYM — but I know the comic Maria Hill is pretty dour and humorless, so I’m hoping that the movie Maria Hill will be a little more fun. Basically, I like Cobie Smulders significantly more than Maria Hill, so I hope the role actually makes use of her talents as opposed to just giving her a paycheck. Since director Joss Whedon apparently had her in mind for his Wonder Woman movie, I’m guessing she’ll end up all right. Of course, this may be a bitter blow to all of you who were hoping for a strict on-screen interpretation of Maria Hill, but… whatever. It’s Maria Hill. Are you really going to lose sleep if she’s less bitchy in the Avengers movie than in the Marvel comics? (Via Variety)