It Is Officially Time to Start Praying Ghostbusters 3 NEVER Gets Made

Director Ivan Reitman and Ashton Kutcher, star of Reitman’s No Strings Attached, were being interview by Digitial Spy when the interview asked about the state of Ghostbusters 3, and more specifically, asked if Ashton Kutcher could potentially have a role in it.

Reitman replies that it’s “Absolutely possible.”

toht face melting.jpg

?Now, it’s possible that Reitman was just joking or being polite or didn’t want to coldly dismiss his current star for the sake of a movie that might never happen. However, the merest chance that Ashton Kutcher could star in Ghostbusters 3 is enough to make me pray the movie never, ever happens. Here’s the plan — someone needs to break into Bill Murray’s house and steal the Ghostbusters 3 script before he reads it or, god forbid, approves it. Someone also needs to arrange for Kutcher to have some kind of accident — a broken leg, slip into a coma, whatever, as long as he can’t make movies. I’m going to look for a white bull to sacrifice to the Greek gods in hopes that the project never happens, just to cover all the bases. We can’t afford to dick around on this, people. The stakes are too goddamn high. (Via The AV Club)