More Proof We Live in the Best of Possible Nerd Worlds

You know DC’s Ame-Comi figurines? Those anime-inspired reimagined designs of superheroines that are kind goofy, kinda sexy, and most be selling very well because DC has been making them for years now? Well, behold the official Ame-Comi costumes from Costume Craze:

ame comi costumes.jpg

That’s Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Supergirl, all based directly of the Ame-Comi figures. Now, first things first — these costumes look exceedingly well-made. I mean, significantly better than most costumes I see online. Why DC’s Ame-Comi girls get this much quality and attention to detail and not, say, costumes of characters from major movies like G.I. Joe or Transformers is beyond me, but you can’t say they aren’t good-looking.

The second thing is thing: These are costumes… based on collector’s figurines… of anime-inspired redesigns… of DC superheroines. That’s fucking insane. Even if you don’t like anime in general or the Ame-Comi stuff in particular, the fact that they’re now available as costumes for people to buy and wear should blow your mind. It certainly does mine. Costumes, of statues, of anime versions, of comic book characters. It’s a brave new nerd world we’ve just entered, ladies and gentlemen. To be honest, I’m as scared as I am excited.