Super Bowl Trailer Trifecta I: Captain America, Thor, Transformers 3

? None of the TV spots for nerdy movies really blew me away last night, but the Captain America trailer was the one that made me most excited for the movie. Now, that might be because there’s not been a Cap trailer before, so this was the first look. However, I’m also super-impressed at how well done pre-Super Soldier Serum Steve Rogers looks, as well as the Red Skull. You didn’t miss him, did you?

thats one red skull.jpg

?No worries, I got your back. Jesus, he looks great. All right, the other two trailers after the jump.

? The Thor TV spot was nice, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the actual trailer, so I wasn’t blown away. I will say that I liked the joke at the end — it’s nice to know that Thor won’t be totally morose and likable enough to engage in a bit of banter with Jane Foster.

? I’ve seen some people say the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon trailer was awesome, and… I don’t know. I can’t derive any pleasure from watching any Michael Bay Transformers footage, apparently. There are some explosions and the Beef and that new blonde girl and some robots I can’t recognize and nothing about this made me want to see the movie. Gold help me, I had to watch the trailer four times before I could even tell that was Optimus Prime at the end. Really.