WeDare Is a WeShame

This is a trailer for WeDare, Ubisoft’s “sexy party game” for the Wii that has players spank each other, do strip-teases, and jointly fellate the WiiMote. It is a tragedy of epic proportions, and that’s despite the fact that it’s only coming out in Europe. The idea that anyone would buy this makes me incredibly sad, and that’s even if I assume they look like the models/actors in the commercial, which they won’t. Guys, girls — if you want to have a sexy party, please, use what humanity has used for sexy parties for millennia: booze. That way when you wake up the next morning with memories of the shameful, horrible things you did last night flooding your mind, you’ll at least have an excuse. Plus, your WiiMote won’t smell funny.

However, the one good thing about WeDare is that someone found much more appropriate music to portray the game’s inherent sadness:

Thanks to Has Boobs, Reads Comics for the tip. (Second video via Kotaku)