Well, Here’s the End of the Green Lantern Movie


?Unfortunately, the end of the Green Lantern movie does not feature Ch’p, the squirrel Green Lantern, being defeated by a car. The movie’s final battle has been revealed in a toy set by Mattel called — wait for it — The Final Battle, and it’s kind of a spoiler if you know absolutely nothing about Green Lantern, so I put it after the jump.

the final cheeto.jpg

?Well, we knew Parallax featured in the film, and we knew Sinestro was staying good in the first movie to be a bad guy later, so Hal fighting Parallax shouldn’t be a big shock to anybody. You know, I think toymakers must love it when these movies features weird esoteric energy beings, because then they can just make a big hunk of yellow-tinted clear plastic and be done. I’m Parallax looks pretty groovy in the movie, but damn that toy looks like crap, and no amount of claw attack action is going to help. (Via io9)