Anne Hathaway Confirms She’s Catwoman in Batman 3, Everyone Can Chill the @#$% Out

When it was announced that Anne Hathway was playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, it caused quite the brain embolism amongst certain nerds. As you might recall, the announcement said that Hathway would be playing Selina Kyle, Catwoman’s alter-ego; these nerds took this to mean that she would only be playing Kyle and not Catwoman, because… I don’t know. It makes zero sense for Chris Nolan to put Selina Kyle in his Batman movie and not have her be Catwoman. That would be like Jack Napier being part of the movie, but never turned into the Joker. Yes, you could make an argument that he would be introducing the character now to become a major role in the next Batman flick, but this is Nolan’s last one. He doesn’t give a shit what happens in Batman 4. He’s not going to do it any favors.

Regardless, Anne Hathway told Oprah that she’s totally Catwoman, so everyone can chill the fuck out. Or at least start wondering about a reasonable Bat-movie mystery, like who the fuck Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing. (Via Blastr)