Aubrey Plaza Would Willingly Betray the Rebellion, Like, in a Heartbeat

I have been remiss in telling you about College Humor’s new webseries Troopers. That’s on me. See, when I first saw the pretty good first episode, I assumed it was a one-shot deal, and that it would be invariable compared to the classic Troops video. Well, now that four episodes have aired, I feel safe in saying it’s its own, enjoyable thing — it’s all set on a Death Star massive, planet-sized space station of death, and it’s all about the Stormtroopers troopers of some indeterminate kind dealing with Leia a space princess, played by Aubrey Plaza, and other travails. The newest episode is above, and you can watch the other three here (the best is still the first one, “Forcefield”). It might not end up a internet classic like Troops, but anything starring Aubrey Plaza as a surlier version of Princess Leia is okay in my book.