BREAKING: They Fixed Wonder Woman’s Boots!


?And speaking of Wonder Woman, SFX has a shot of Adrianne Palicki as WW in action from the upcoming TV pilot, and I can’t help but notice a few differences between the outfit she wore in the promo pic and the outfit she’s wearing here:

1) They fixed her boots! They’re now red, as requested by everyone ever.
2) The colors, at least on the pants, are more muted.
3) Additionally, the pants are now not made out of latex, and thus aren’t horrifically shiny.
4) She’s not wearing high heels, but more reasonable boots.
5) She isn’t wearing bright red lipstick, either.
6) The stars down the side of the pants aren’t a difference per se, but they are much more visible now.
7) Goddamn, I can’t believe they fixed her boots.

Overall, the outfit somehow looks cheaper and more Halloween-ish than the first one did to me, but I still think overall it’s a significant improvement. More importantly, it appears someone actually listened to us. That’s insane. Do… do they actually care what we, the audience, thinks? Madness! Thanks to Matt P. for the tip.