Comics News Trifecta: Flashpoint Titles, Howard the Duck, Archie Babies

Kid Flash.jpg


? Throughout the day, DC Comics’ The Source blog is having another Flashpoint Friday event and announcing more of the writer/artist combos that will be featured in various tie-in books released in conjunction with the upcoming company-wide attempt to garner some of that Infinite Crisis coin. They are also debuting new artwork, such as the above cover from Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost Starring Bart Allen #1. More information and additional info will be doled out sporadically during this afternoon. So if you are anxiously awaiting DC’s latest effort to make you keep meticulous checklist of what comics you have and which you need, keep checking back. Also, I’m curious what your thoughts are on the whole Flashpoint dealie in general. Are you all looking forward to this, waiting for Marvel’s Fear Itself whathaveyou or anticipating both events equally? Sound off in the comments. (Via Comic Book Resources

Fearsome Foursome.jpg

? Speaking of Fear Itself, it was just announced that Howard the Duck will be making (yet another) comeback in Fear Itself: Fearsome Foursome. The book finds the overly maligned waterfowl teaming up with She-Hulk, Nighthawk and Frankenstein’s Monster — who looks like he was given some sort of bullshit Twilight-inspired makeover — to fight Man-Thing. Complex has a complete rundown on the comic for you. Since Howard’s heyday in the 1970s, he has suffered a well-documented string of indignities. It’s always a welcome sight to see him however and I actually have a great deal of hope for this one. No one has quite replicated the sardonic brilliance of what Steve Gerber did with the character, but it’s nice to see Marvel acknowledge his fanbase by trotting him out now and again

The Archie Babies.jpg

?? The fucking Archie Babies. I just wanted to let you know that this is a thing now and we all have to live with it. You can find the terrifying details at the Archie Fans forum.