Conan the Barbaric Leading Cause of Secondhand Smoke Inhalation

A teaser trailer for the new Conan movie came out, and… well, it kind of sucks. I know teasers are supposed to tease, but this thing almost taunts: Would you like to see images from the movie? Too bad, you get smoke! Would you like to see Conan kicking ass? Well, too bad, because you get only a couple of seconds of him, striking a few poses and taking about what is best in life (i.e. “livin’, luvin’, slayin’.”). Look, I’m still looking forward to the movie — mostly because of the many screenshots that have been full of barbaric violence and naked ladies — and have hopes that it’ll be a good time at the least, but seriously, if this teaser was the first I knew of the movie, I’d be pretty put off. Hopefully whenever the real trailer comes out, it will set everybody’s mind at ease.