David Slade Is a Director without Fear


?Why? Well, if I had been chosen as the director to reboot the Daredevil movie franchise for Fox, I’d be a bit scared. The last Daredevil movie wasn’t box office poison per se, but neither fans, critics nor mass audiences really gave a shit about it, and it wasn’t that long ago that it came out. Still, Fox has hired Slade to make a movie to keep their rights to the character, so as long as a movie gets made, I guess the quality doesn’t matter that much. Slade’s directed 30 Days of Night (which was fine), Hard Candy (didn’t see it) and Twilight: Eclipse (LOVED IT I mean, didn’t see it) although he was bitching about how shitty Twilight was even while he was making the movie. Hopefully he uses this chance to make something groovy. And hopefully Fox sees what Sony is doing with their Spider-Man reboot, and decided to give the tiniest of shits about making Daredevil, you know, good. (Via First Showing)