Fan-Made Entertainment Trifecta: Aidan 5, Real Ghostbusters, Perspective

Need something to watch on your lunch break? Here’s a nerd web series, movie and a short that are all well worth your time.

? This is a trailer for season one of the recently started web series Aidan 5, based on a short from 2008 that actually made it to Cannes. It’s about a clone who starts killing his other clones, but the real draw is the hand-drawn backgrounds and action set-pieces — it looks like a low-tech Sin City movie to me, and I love it. After you watch the trailer, the first two episodes are available here.

? Remember that well-made, excellent-looking Ghostbusters fan flick I showed the trailer for last month? Well, the full movie is out, and you can download it here. I’ve only seen a bit of it so far, but if anything, my desire for it to be recognized as the only true Ghostbusters 3 movie has only been strengthened.

? Here’s a cool, 8-minute and totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK (there’s a naked lady!) video called “Perspective,” a little cyberpunk story about a guy who jacks in to the cyber-whatever to have virtual sex when things get weird. It’s all from a first-person perspective, is very well shot, and the set is amazingly well-done. Plus, boobies. Watch it here, if/when you can.