Here’s a Good Omen for Terry Pratchett Fans


?The Hollywood Reporter is reporting (from Hollywood) that Prime Focus Productions, the guys who have been making those recent Discworld DVD movies, are starting a specialized U.K. production branch. Why should you give a shit? Because their first project will apparently be an adaptation of Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, as written by Monty Python‘s Terry Jones and others. Nice, right?

Well, now it gets a little odd. See, Bleeding Cool has a press release from Prime Focus, which says that they’ll be working on a Discworld TV series, focused on the Ankh-Morpork city watch. The press release also mentions Jones as a writer. Neither THR nor Bleeding Cool mentions the other project at all.

Weird, right? Well, obviously there’s some confusion, but while the press release has specific quotes about the Discworld TV series, it would be weird for THR to misunderstand something so specifically. So for now, I guess we can assume both projects are moving forward. It’d be cool if Jones were writing both, but that might be a bit too much to hope for. Still, I’ll be pleased as punch if just one of these things manages to actually happen.