In More, Um, Super Movie News, Here’s the Super 8 Trailer!

No sooner did I finish up with The Smurfs post that I learned the eagerly-awaited full trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 had hit the Interwebs. As you probably have heard, this is Abrams’ tribute to Steven Spielberg’s 1980s blockbusters. That is evident from what you see above, but I am also totally getting a bit of a Goonies/Explorers vibe from this as well. (Joe Dante and Richard Donner’s 1980s output was just as important to me as Spielberg’s, and It looks like Abrams might share this sentiment). We get our first real glimpse at the plot, and although it seems pretty straightforward J.J.’s track record proves that there will be plenty of twists in store for moviegoers. The only question remaining now is how can the movie’s alien monsters possibly be as creepy as CGI smurfs?