Invader Zim Invades Again (Kind of [A Little {Not Really}])

At Invader Con this past weekend in Atlanta, the cast of Invader Zim re-united long enough to read two unaired, unproduced episode scripts: “Day of da Spookies” and “Mopiness of Doom.” I know many of you are hoping against hope that Nickelodeon brings the show back for real, but I think this is a nice consolation prize (because I don’t think Nickelodeon will ever bring back the show, no how many “Best of” DVD sets you buy). Anyways, “Spookies” is above, and “Mopiness” is after the jump. I’m busy working on something else for later this week (FORESHADOWING) so let me know how they are in the comments. (Via The Mary Sue)